You've booked your shoot! What happens next?

There's a few things to bare in mind when you are planning your circus shoot. They can be more challenging than a regular shoot so it's worth putting the time in to do some planning and preparation before hand. The following tips and pointers will help you to get the most from your time with me and will help to achieve the best possible images that show off your skills, form, talent and personality.

  1. Positions: prior to turning up I strongly advise you spend some time working out which moves and positions you would like to be photographed doing. Bare in mind you will need to hold these positions for longer than usual and you may need to repeat them a few times to get the best shot, so it's best to keep them as simple as possible. You want to be looking as natural as possible whilst in your chosen positions so if you need a death grip to hold it or your face is showing the strain it's probably not going to look amazing. I love capturing movement in my shots so a few simple drops, spins or turns can be very effective.
  2. Costumes: Think about what you would like to wear. There is usually enough time for one costume change so bring a spare. Make sure you run through your chosen moves wearing your outfits prior to the shoot, you don't want any malfunctions happening on the day. Tight clothing is usually preferable but a billowy skirt, dress or shirt can give a creative look to a more static pose. Consider contrasting your colours with your equipment. I love to photograph the human form so if your happy to keep your skin bare in places go for it! Show off all that hard work and muscle building!
  3. Hair and makeup: Keep it simple! A good base foundation will enhance your skin tones under the lights, other than that why not let your face speak for itself as much as possible. It's hard to see your personality under layers of over dramatic make up. Hair is best up or half up, we can always do some hair down shots when the position is right to show it off!

model Viktorija Sibakovskyte

Speak to me...

I want to make sure we are on the same page so the more information that you give me about what you'd like to get from your shoot the better. If you have any images you have drawn inspiration from you can email them to me prior. I can send you my portfolio to look through and I will contact you ahead of the date to discuss your ideas. I'm happy to guide you through the creative process. Lets work together.

Be professional...

Treat your photo shoot as you would a training session. Arrive early and do a thorough warm up. Make sure you've fuelled and hydrated your body beforehand and bring some snacks to keep you going. On the day, if you need to take a break just say, performance shoots can be tough on the body so remember to take care of it!


To have a good time!

This is performance after all! Paramount to getting you the perfect shots I want you to enjoy your shoot, have fun with it and be open to new ideas.

I hope these tips and tricks prepare you for your up and coming shoot.

feel free to get in touch with any queries