During the Covid 19 lockdown:

Living alone during the covid-19 lockdown didn't fill me with dread. I was used to living alone and being self sufficient but when the freedom of choice was taken away, along with regular social contact from friends and colleagues, living alone brought on a whole new meaning and so to combat the incessant phone staring, time in my own head and box set binging I began a new project documenting my quarantine diary with self portraits. As with most things I started with great gusto and enthusiasm, taking a self portrait a day but as time went on and with the constraints of lockdown my creativity waned. The self portrait is already quite challenging for most photographers (I being one of them) we are after all most happy and comfortable when behind the lens, not in front of it! but trying to fill my days without photography soon became a bigger challenge so I had to find a way to get my mojo back!

After a few down days and a bit of research I picked up my camera again and continued to document my days. Below are a few tips that helped me to get my creativity back...

Have you hit the creative wall?!

Firstly don't panic! During this time I strongly believe it is absolutely ok to just do nothing. We are all experiencing the ups and downs of isolation and it's impossible to be upbeat and pro active 100% of the time, so indulge your down days with some 'nice but naughty' treats, have a pyjama day, rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Ultimately don't panic or stress about a dip in your creativity. It will return, it lives naturally within you! Most importantly don't judge your situation to others, we are all living our own unique experience during this crisis so don't crumble to the pressures of 'chin up, it could be worse' speak up about your experiences, use photography or whatever creative outlet you use to document your days, good or bad. If you are having a good day share it and support those who may not be, it sounds cliché but with the help of each other we will have a much easier journey through this.

Luckily online resources are plentiful during these uncertain times and are great for helping with inspiration during creative blocks. So when you're ready I suggest you get online! Instagram accounts are doing some great isolation projects that you can follow along with and tag your work. This is also a great time to network with fellow photographers, models and make up artists, why not use your current bountiful free time to e-mail potential clients and arrange collaborations. I joined in with @sarah_crossley_photography portrait challenge which really helped me get my mojo back! Photographic journals such as Amateur photographer and Digital Camera world have some great ideas and projects to work on. 'she clicks' Facebook group has a huge worldwide following of female photographers, you'll find tons of inspiration, webinars and it's also a great place to share and receive feedback on your work. You could also use this time to get your photo's on some stock websites, they are pretty saturated but there's still the possibility to make money here if you have the right shots, research what the market is looking for right now and get snapping! Another website I find useful is Photocrowd where daily competitions are held on various themes, some are professionally judged with some great awards and prizes and others are community judged and are great for when you're lacking ideas of what to shoot next. You tube also has a plethora of online tutorials for editing suites such as Lightroom and photoshop so even if you're struggling to take new shots why not brush up on your editing skills and revamp your old ones, I love the excuse to go back over my old travel pics and give them a new lease of life (a great way of escaping the current confines of my one bed flat too!)

Hopefully these ideas will help get you back on track to passing the time in a productive, enjoyable and creative way? Writing this has reminded me of a few things I still need to focus on!

You can follow my journey through isolation on Instagram @lynseynicolphotography or click on the link below, tag your photos with #isolationart to share your isolation diary. I'd love to see your take on this very unusual life we are all living.

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